I am now ruler of Asgard. I am… your king. 

I liked this movie.  The first I heard of Thor the movie I thought that it, like The Hulk, was a story doomed to fail.  Thor does not have a traditional origin story since he existed before Marvel Comics and had his hammer, mjolnir , thousands of years ago.  Then I heard that Kenneth Branagh was named to direct it and that raised my hopes.  Those hopes fell once I saw the previews.  Thor looked like a tool and the CGI looked unrealistic.

I am pleased to report that there is a good plot/origin story.  That Thor is a tool, but in a manner that befits the character and gives him room to grow.  Anthony Hopkins seemed both powerful and feeble, which he has not shown in a character for years.  The CGI looks good.  Mjolnir looks especially good, but Asgard holds up.  The best thing that Branagh did was to cast strong actors for both the major and minor roles.  Normally I would list the characters and the actors, but instead I just ask that you trust me–good actors doing good work.  The weak link in this film is the opening scene.  It starts with some hokey stormchasing van where you two women and a man have exchanges better suited to a sitcom than to a movie.  I turned on one of the women, while my friend Peter turned on the other one.  The good news is that the movie only gets better from that point.