We wouldn’t last two days without her.  Don’t tell her I said that.

Let’s just get this out of the way…the dancing scene sucked.  David Yates’ attempt to add something original to the film failed.  It made me look at my friend and wonder, what the hell was going on.  I’ve heard an interesting argument that at least harry showed that he cared and didn’t act like a jerk.  While that’s true, a hug would have sufficed for me.  When the source material is so voluminous that the director/screenwriter is stuck making hard choices, then anything extraneous to the central story should serve an important purpose.  More than that, the means to achieve the purpose should waste the least amount of time possible.

Other than that, this movie benefits from getting twice the time to tell its story than the previous ones got.  While that’s said, I agree with Ann Hornaday in that this is a very good half of a movie, but is doomed to be unsatisfying.  All of the young stars can act and show their emotions, while the supporting cast is filled by England’s finest–Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Bill Nighy etc…  So I’m glad that I finally have a Yates directed Potter film that I haven’t instantly forgotten.