Master, you really can fight ten men at once.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ip Man, so I decided to watch this one soon after the first.  Oooh, I like it better when the villains look different from the Chinese.  When it’s stinking Chinese on Chinese crime—like here in Hong Kong—it bothers me on a different level.  Thankfully a foreign devil named “Twister”, played by Darren Shahlavi, shows up to promote the superiority of Western boxing.  His appearance in a film like this is a throwback to an earlier age of kung fu movies.

This was a pleasant movie with two famous Chinese  leading men—Donnie Yen & Sammo Hung—plus the return of the secondary bad guy from the first film Sio-Wong Fan.  While I preferred the first one, the ending to this one was funnier.  I do not know if Ip Man fought any other martial artists, but if he did I hope that they make a third movie where he eats better or it focuses on some romanticized version of him training Bruce Lee.  Only time will tell.

As a post script – there is a scene in this film where Ip Man’s opponents broke the second rule of Eastern Film Society, never draw a weapon against the master unless you want him to use it against you.