Jurassic Park made a ton of money and almost everyone liked it.  It’s Stephen Spielberg at the height of his pop power.  When I come to common ground like this, I do not want to bother repeating the same material that you probably already know.  That said, the Tyrannosaurus Rex in this film was amazing—you hear about it and hear about it, you are promised to see it and then…you have to wait!  My favorite Spielberg movie is Jaws and this took the lessons from Jaws and employed them with some slight twists.

Beyond the power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the movie, Spielberg mustered together a great collection of actors in supporting roles:  Martin Ferrero–Izzy from Miami Vice, Miguel Sandoval–great as the drug lord in Clear and Present Danger, B.D. Wong–Law & Order: SVU, and Samuel L. Jackson–the cabbie from Die Hard: With a Vengeance.  I am surprised that of the main actors in this film, only Jeff Goldblum’s career blew up.  Good supporting roles lead to movies feeling more realistic, even when they are dealing with dinosaurs.