22 Jump Street

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That’s Vietnamese Jesus now. See this is a Vietnamese church, you racist sacrilegious sack of shit!

I did not bother to watch this in theaters because what I perceived as a very negative critical response. But I was misled. This movie was really fun and wound up with a solid ***½ average. I do not know why it has taken me over two weeks to review this great follow up that truly honored and mocked its original, which was a remake that honored and mocked its original.

My two favorite things about this movie are Ice Cube’s greater role as Captain Dickson and as *SPOILER ALERT* the father of new character Maya—Amber Stevens; and the bromance between Channing Tatum’s Zenko and newcomer college jock Zook—Wyatt Russell.


Daily Film Beauty: The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises: Wally Pfister (cinematographer) & Christopher Nolan (director).

Just call her Catwoman, damnit!

Selina Kyle–Anne Hathaway–on the rooftops in Gotham, © WB 2012, The Dark Knight Rises.