As I live and breathe, “the Wolverine”.


Finding a quotation without lots of profanity was difficult. I am not sure why it is so pervasive here, but it certainly is. Maybe just to show this was not the same world, not at all the same world as the other X films. At least it is not thematically the same world. Instead of being meta and satisfying, as many reviewers have proposed, I just found it a bit confusing. It is still a good movie and a fitting swan song for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

The only other thought I have is that this was not an adaptation of “Old Man Logan” as you may have read. The upcoming Thor movie with Thor facing the Hulk seems to have as much in common with that story as this did—at least that has villain Hulk fighting. Tying things up with the Hulk was a fitting idea since Wolverine’s first appearance was in Incredible Hulk #181. Last thought, it is funny to go online and read crybaby rightwingers who think this movie filmed before the 2016 election was an indictment of Trump and Republicans because future US is a corporate garbage state where people have fewer rights than corporations.



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What fresh fuckery is this?


Kate Ellis (Tina Fey) & Pazuzu (John Cena), in Sisters, 2015.

I know, I know, it bothers some people when I use, or quote, profanity. But that quote is amazing because it parallels something Boromir says—in Fellowship of the Ring, obviously—”What is this new devilry?” But I never quote it correctly! I always say, “What new devilry is this?” I like to think that screenwriter Paula Pell thought that too.

So this movie was better than I expected. Certainly it was unrealistic but it was consistent in this level of unrealism. Best part of the movie — doot doodoo dooo, John Cena! His tattooed drug dealing TSA Agent was wonderful.  Also, I was impressed that Tina Fey showed a hitherto unseen acting range.

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Context is everything. I have been extremely lax this year in keeping up with “good” movies. It has been a busy 365 days for me, but that is just an excuse. While flying to and from my honeymoon I had a combined 48 hours of air time. I tried to watch Spotlight, but turned it off after 10 minutes. I did, however, rewatch Independence Day. Since I was on Japan Airlines the choices were better than on any American carrier, but also included lots of non-classic Japanese films. Spotting this on in the row ahead of me I kept paying attention to it. I could tell it was a teenage body swap anime, and that it was drawn well. I used to love watching animes, but stopped for no good reason about 8 years ago. In fact, the only anime I remember watching since I started this blog was when I rewatched Ghost in the Shell in order to confirm its 5-Star Status.1  That is the sole anime in my 13 years of film reviewing to get 5 stars.

Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.

FOUR MONTHS LATER — So I got writers block for the first time ever. Reviewer’s block? To overcome this I am getting back to basics with (1) Ratings, (2) Quotations, & (3) Other.

(3) Other: this was a beautiful film. I cared so deeply about these characters that I was basically crying and begging an already finished film to provide me with the ending I wanted. To evoke that emotion genuinely, without resorting to musical or cultural shortcuts, is amazing. Pan’s Labyrinth does it well. This does it even better.


Did I forget to say what the movie was about? That was not part of the original formula. And no pictures. Here is the phonetic Japanese of the title (Kimi no na wa).


Taki & Mitsuha, your name.

1 The Ghost in the Shell remake starring the oh-so-white Scarlett Johansson is about to be released, and as much as I dislike whitewashing I am excited for this film. As for other animated films, the only I also gave 5 Stars was Frozen, which I now regret. This is a review of first impressions, thus barring exceptional circumstances, that score stays put forever. I have similar feelings about Supertroopers and The Departed.