Ha! We thought you might try that, hotshot. That’s why the first clip is loaded with blanks. Bye bye, Snake. Good luck!


To be frank, I have never seen Escape from New York. Thus I cannot say that this was an unnecessary sequel, as much as it is an unnecessary film. I had forgotten that I had watched it until reading today’s chapter of Shea Serrano’s Basketball (and other things). Therein he drafted the 30 fictional basketball players and Snake Plissken made the list. The scene that qualifies him is where he has to make 5 buckets in 50 seconds. It is silly and capricious, and it exemplifies this film.

The highlights: Michelle Forbes as a cop named Brazen. I have always thought of her as Ensign Ro from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. So it was nice to see her getting work. Also, Kurt Russell grimaces well in the film.